The Risks of Outdoor Events

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The Risks of Outdoor Events

Scarlet Oaks Estate - FIndlay Wedding and Events Venue

Outdoor events are beautiful, that is, when all of the elements cooperate. In your head, you might be envisioning a warm sunny day, but the weather is uncontrollable and often unpredictable. We know this to be true, especially in Ohio.

Of course, many outside events go on without a hitch. The guests are happy and the photos turn out perfectly, but it is important to understand potential risks. So, if you’re still debating on hosting an outdoor event or wedding, here are some things to consider first!


Obviously, this is the main concern for outdoor events. Our wedding season starts in May and ends in October. It can be hard to predict whether it will be too hot, too cold, too wet or even too dry during these months.

Rain is always the biggest worry. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – rain is good luck on your wedding day – but that doesn’t mean you want to say “I do” while soaking wet. This is where your backup plan comes in, and you should always, always, ALWAYS have a backup plan. If it’s getting close to the day of your event and the forecast is projecting rain, it’s time to put plan B into action.

Here at the estate, we always have a backup plan, and several of them. For small events we are able to have 120 people standing in the main house. The barn can accommodate a ceremony for 250 guests seated.

Last year, one of our first weddings of the season had rain and sleet and our bride didn’t want the ceremony in the barn. With three hours notice, we were able to get a tent up for the ceremony. If a space must be used for both the ceremony and the reception, we set up the ceremony first and then switch it for the reception. This allows you to have two different looks since you’re restricted to just one space.


Heat – The summer months can be warm and breezy or sweltering hot, so make sure you’re prepared. Have bottled water available for the wedding party and for guests if they will be spending long periods of time in the sun.

If you’re planning a summer wedding, it is common to provide fans for guests. You could even make your program into a fan so it serves a dual purpose. We also have fans available to rent for the barn if the weather is too hot.

Cold – Fall weddings are all the rage, but they aren’t always warm. If the temperature drops on your big day think about renting heaters for the reception. If the ceremony is held outside it is a cute idea to have blankets or wraps for guest to use.

Others things to account for while having an outside event are bugs. Depending on the season bees, mosquitoes, ants or other insects could have a negative impact on your day. We spray around the main estate and the barns when necessary.

Walk your day

We have a 13-acre property that is yours to use on the day of your event, but there are also things to consider with using a lot of space. Think about your guests when planning your day, especially the elderly. If you are planning your event to span across the whole property, make sure you walk your day first. Consider how guests will feel walking in heels, or if older people will be able to relocate by foot to each new location you have planned.

There is handicap parking in the front and you are also able to rent or bring golf carts to use as transportation across the grounds.


As they say, with risk comes reward. Having an outdoor event is gorgeous and you and your guests can enjoy the season, nature, and all the estate has to offer. Always remember to have a backup plan that you are satisfied with if your original plans don’t go your way. It’s important to know all your options so you can make informed decisions and enjoy your event whether it be indoor or outdoor!