2017 Wedding Trends

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2017 Wedding Trends

The 2017 wedding season is quickly approaching as May is only one month away. We are so excited to kick off another season of beautiful weddings, but first we wanted to give a little preview of what this season might hold.

We talked 2017 wedding trends with wedding planner, April Gladieux, and here’s what you can expect to see this year!

1. What is going to be BIG this year in your opinion?

“The biggest trend of the year that we’re seeing is greenery and nature. Leaves, ferns, anything from the ground that can be used on the tables or in a bouquet is the biggest trend. We’re seeing minimal flowers and lots of green. Greenery is the Pantone color of the year, which has inspired a lot of brides.”

2. What other color trends should we expect to see this year?

“More neutral colors, you can expect to see a lot of bridesmaids in tans and nudes. I also have two weddings where the bridesmaids will be in white. There will be a lot of classic black and white weddings too with a pop of gold or silver. Blush is still really popular as well.”

3. It seemed the trend for 2016 was burlap and mason jars, will that continue into this year as well?

“We have a couple weddings that are still using mason jars here and there, but that’s not what we hear anymore. It’s still the natural elements, like sticks or trees, willow branches, or wood shavings, that is there, but in a new classy way.”

4. What are the best resources for brides to use to get ahead on trends for their weddings?

“The funny thing about Pinterest is you see the photos that are most pinned, but it takes months or years to come to the top of your feed. So, by the time you see it it’s probably already been done and the next trend is coming.

We encourage brides to come up with their own ideas, don’t rely on Pinterest. Pin your top 10 or 15 ideas then we will decide what’s best for you and make it your own. Try to think how can we make it your style, more you!”

5. Are there any trends brides should avoid?

“We don’t like to push people away from their ideas, but we try to enhance them. If they’re thinking mason jars we figure out how to make it their own. We might do mason jars here and there, but not overload.

DIY is great too and we will help you, but don’t DIY your entire wedding. Let a professional help you with something because you either won’t be able to get everything done or they won’t look the best.

Take your top two ideas and make a timeline. I always tell brides if they don’t finish it by a certain date then I am going to do it.”

6. Will there be a different trend for each season?

“No, I think trends stick around for a good two years and then it will fade out and something else will fade back in. It really depends on the trend. Mason jars had a good two year run and now its fading.”

7. What’s the best advice you can give brides about the latest trends?

“Don’t base your wedding off of other people’s weddings. Think of how you want your wedding to look and how it will reflect you, your personality, and your fiancé. Then speak with the professionals about how to make your ideas come to life. What we see is a lot of brides talking to other brides about their wedding ideas, which is fine, but you should talk to someone in the business too who sees these ideas on a daily basis who knows if it works or doesn’t work.”